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I am an artist. I do have an art degree, which I got years ago and never did much with mostly because "life" seem to be constantly getting in the way. I started school in Zoology and switched to Anthropology, then Fine Art, which explains some of why I do what I do with my art. I have been pursuing art seriously now for a few years. I have 3 kids and one grandchild, one of them left at home, all are brainiacs (where did that come from) one is quite creative as well, I know where that came from...and one who drools a lot!!!


I am a curious person and have a number of interests both common and uncommon. Some of the things I really like besides art are my big, most loved Newfies, fly fishing, antiques of all persuasions, green plants and I'd include gardening as well, other peoples art, really scary books (okay so I'm not a classic's lover), scifi and history channel, and okay I guess to sound normal I should also say I do really like my family !!! Some of my more diverse interests are old scientific books, and paper, and let's not forget chocolate.